Why Dearly Divorced?

The ex-hubby left me for two reasons:

  1. I should have been selling personalized items to make money while I had a broken ankle and was planning the rest of our wedding, and
  2. I had “no passion or drive.”

So, now that we’re divorced, I’m finally going to listen to him! With all the passion and drive in the world, I’m excited to launch my new business, Dearly Divorced, where I’ll be selling celebratory divorce apparel and accessories.

I’ve learned that there aren’t really any divorce cards on the market, and that discussions about divorce are quickly swept under the rug. Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, which probably means you know someone who has been affected by one (or more). Send. Them. My. Way.

Not only will this be a business that supports the divorcees, it will be a place for friends and family to find comfort in gifts that are perfect to let your loved one know that you're thinking of them — whether it’s with a t-shirt, greeting card, journal, or something for their furry friend!

From my own personal experience, words never really helped. Laughing helped. Crying helped. Journaling (with a glass of moscato in hand) helped. I don’t know whether or not this shop will take off. I do know that I’ve found a healthy outlet for some of my grief, and have opened myself up to taking chances, and new beginnings.

So, that’s why I chose Dearly Divorced - to help others who are starting over on their journey with themselves. We could all use support and a little comedy to get through the divorcee lifestyle, and the confusion of taking our days minute by minute. Aside from gifts, I’ll also be blogging about things that I’ve learned about myself and life in general, with the hope of shedding new light and perspective for someone else.